Improving the Quality of Life for the Community

Our Mission

The mission of Jefferson Street Center, Inc. is to promote social justice for all, with a special emphasis on improving the quality of life for individuals and families living in the surrounding community. To learn more, visit our  BLUEPRINT plan. 


Our Vision

The vision of The Gathering Place is for people from all socioeconomic backgrounds to be able to sit together for a meal or a meeting and find common ground. They can converse with each other about things that matter or things that make them laugh. As a result, people realize they are not so different from each other, and that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. Each year, approximately 10,000 people come and go through The Gathering Place for a meal or clothing, or for a program offering from one of JSC’s many community partners that use the space for classes and meetings. Over one dozen groups, such as Literacy Delaware, Project LAUNCH, Parents as Teachers, Wilmington Little League, Brandywine Village Civic Association, and the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association use JSC space free of charge.

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place at Hanover is the chosen community hub and the first phase of the Washington Heights Blueprint Community® Revitalization Plan. Through the Plan, JSC expects The Gathering Place use to increase and to be better able to serve the community. To accommodate these projected changes, however, the physical space dedicated to The Gathering Place is undergoing significant capital improvements.


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